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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Form 2290 Filing

4 Secret Facts About Trucking Industry

4 Secret Facts About Trucking Industry. Rapid changes in the trucking industry made a huge difference in men's lives. The history and changes of the trucking industry will definitely surprise you. The amazing facts about the trucking world will make you fun and surprise.

Unbelievable Trucking Industry Facts

You will never believe some facts and surprising things about the trucking world. The first truck was invented in the year of 1898. When the first truck designed and started running on the road, it seriously reduced the burden of transportation. The inventor of the semi-trucks is Andrew Winton. He used his truck for the automobile industry for the first time. Transporting all goods and services through train is really a hard task for everyone. Traveling and transporting via trucks made everything very simple. Rapidly the trucking industry developed and everyone started using trucks to travel from one place to another place along with their goods.

Heavy Trucks

Slowly, the size and structure of the vehicles increased for regular transportation. The trucks became everything to travel long distances with the changing world. The Diesel trucks became popular after they invented. With the digital world, the Electric trucks introduced and used for transporting. Trucking industry became the leader for every transport in the world. Also, there are many changes occurred to the trucking industry with the developed technology.

Trucking Industry Interesting Facts

There are nearly 3.5 million truck drivers are living their lives with trucks. Every year there is a huge growth in the trucking industry. The experts are expecting 21% of growth in the trucking industry in the next ten years. Many goods such as clothing, furniture, food, and electrical and machinery equipment goods are transporting through the trucks in the United States. As equal with the men, 2, 00, 000 and above females are working as drivers as per the recent surveys. The $650 billion revenue is generating by the trucking industry to the Government every year on average. You may see trucks in almost every corner of the United States. 15.5 million Trucks are running in the United States.

You may also feel the wonder that the average national salary of truck drivers is $44,500. There are also refrigerated trucks available which transport the food to different places. Some trucks specially designed to travel more than one million miles in their span of life. A truck can travel with high weight carriers at a single time.

Report all the heavy vehicles to the IRS

Truck holders who travel and enjoy the comfort of driving must remember one thing that they must report their heavy vehicles to the IRS. Before you travel to the long distances, you must report your vehicle to the IRS by Filing IRS Form 2290. Filing IRS 2290 Tax Form and Paying Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to the IRS is mandatory for every truck owner. All the heavy vehicles with a high gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more need to Efile IRS 2290.

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Form 2290 Filing

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