How Is Bulk Uploading VINs Made Easy to File Form 2290?

Using a never-ending process to file Form 2290 for multiple VINs? The IRS has introduced a bulk uploading feature online to transmit multiple VINs at once for a tax period. Trucker who chose to file electronically can choose this feature to upload numerous VIN for a calendar year.

Getting confused? Don’t worry! We will let you know about how bulk uploading VINs made it easy to file 2290 returns for a tax year. We also provide you instructions to use bulk uploading templates and the fields you need to provide to complete the bulk uploading spreadsheet.

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What is bulk uploading Form 2290 VINs?

Generally, every highway vehicle with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more used on public roads has to be reported by file Form 2290. Additionally, excise taxes must be paid to the IRS in full by considering the taxable gross weight of the vehicle. So, when you’re reporting a single-vehicle manually, it will be easy to quote VIN, gross weight, and other details. But for reporting a large fleet, it would be difficult and consumes lots of time. Bulk uploading VIN enables the truckers to upload large volumes of VINs at one time using excel templates. Moreover, bulk uploading made the filers complete e-filing in minutes. On the other hand, you can import up to 40,000 tracks at once using the bulk upload feature.

How to use the bulk upload feature when filing Form 2290?

As per the IRS guidelines, when you’re reporting more than 25 VINs you need to file them electronically. So, bulk uploading 2290s online and e-filing for a single-vehicle looks similar. Follow the below steps to use the bulk upload feature when e-filing 2290 Forms for a fleet:

  • Create an e-file account for free with IRS certified e-file provider like Form 2290 Filing.
  • New users must add the business information and choose the tax year that you’re going to file Form 2290 i.e., 2021-22.
  • When you’re providing vehicle information like VIN, gross weight, etc, select the bulk upload option.
  • Download the bulk upload excel sheet and enter the required fields and save it.
  • Finally, upload the completed bulk upload spreadsheet to file the tax return for fleets with a single click.

What are the required fields to use bulk upload 2290 Forms?

Given below are the required fields to add vehicles to the tax return:

Unit number

To reduce the risk of errors that occur when entering multiple VINs and increase filers efficiency a unit number is assigned to the trucks. So, ensure to provide a unit number when paying taxes for a large number of vehicles.


Vehicle Identification Number is a combination of alphabets and numbers. So, when entering VIN don’t include I, O, Q letters in it.

Gross weight

Taxable gross weight of the vehicle helps in determining the truck taxes for a tax period. So, when you’re uploading taxable vehicles, ensure to provide correct gross weight of the vehicles.

Vehicle category

As we know, HVUT differ for taxable, suspended, and logging vehicles. So, provide the type of vehicle when filing 2290 Forms for multiple VINs.

What are the benefits of using a bulk uploading template to prepare 2290 returns?

Bulk uploading template is beneficial for the organizations that operate businesses using numerous heavy vehicles. It speeds up the e-filing process from hours to minutes. Following are the advantages of using a bulk upload template to prepare 2290 returns:

  • Upload multiple VINs for a calendar year with a single click.
  • You can transfer the vehicle information from your device into the tax returns easily.
  • Export the excel sheet into your device for any future use.
  • You can fix the errors after uploading the spreadsheet into the return and correct it before transmitting it to the IRS.
  • Use the downloaded excel sheet when filing 2290 returns for the following year conveniently if there is no change in the vehicle category.

Form 2290 Filing helps you to bulk upload VINs for a single tax year. Register with us for free by providing an email address and phone number. Generate passwords to access the e-file account. Avail of the benefits of bulk uploading and transmit 2290 Forms in minutes and receive schedule 1 immediately.



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