How much is 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax?

Are you operating a business using taxable vehicles? Does your taxable vehicle’s gross weight exceed 55,000 pounds? If so, then you need to pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to the IRS. As per the IRS rules, excise tax depends on the gross weight and mileage limit of the vehicle. To run a business on public highways 2290 Schedule 1 acts as proof of payment of HVUT.

Heavy Vehicle Use tax

Calculate 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax online using the HVUT calculator accurately and get the digital watermarked schedule 1 to the registered email address. We have provided a detailed step-by-step process to calculate road taxes in minutes.

What are the steps to calculate 2290 HVUT Online?

To estimate the year-end taxes, follow the below steps to calculate 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Online:

Select the tax period

Firstly, the truckers need to select the respective tax period for which they are paying 2290 taxes. According to the IRS, the tax period begins in July of the current year and ends in June of the following year.

Choose the First Use Month of the vehicle

Next, the trucker must choose the FUM of the vehicle. FUM of the vehicle is the month in which the vehicle started using on the public highways. For newly purchased vehicles, the tax period of the vehicle depends on FUM of the vehicle.

Enter the gross weight of the vehicle

After choosing the FUM of the vehicle, then enter the gross weight of the vehicle. As we know, road taxes are imposed accordingly with the taxable gross weight of the vehicle.

Click on Calculate

By clicking on calculate now option, taxes are calculated automatically. Within few seconds, you will know how much you owe to the IRS this calendar year.

IRS Form 2290 Tax Computation Table

The truckers can determine the 2290 tax amount by referring to the below information:

For heavy vehicles, less than 55,000 pounds- No HVUT imposed
Vehicles weighing more than or equal to 55,000 pounds- $100
For highway vehicles in between 55,000-75,000 pounds- $100 + $22 per increase in 1,000 pounds over 55,000 pounds
Heavy Vehicles weighing 75,000 pounds or more- $550
For instance, if you purchase a heavy vehicle weighing 70,000 pounds and operates on public roads. Then you need to pay an HVUT of $144 to the IRS.

Which type of vehicles required to pay 2290 Tax?

If you operate any one of the below vehicles, you need to pay 2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to the IRS:

Taxable vehicles

Vehicles with a gross weight of at least 55,000 pounds or more and travel more than 5,000 miles in a tax period are considered taxable vehicles. The truck owner who operates business or trade using taxable vehicles is responsible for 2290 tax.

Agricultural vehicles

Vehicles whose major operations are for farming purposes are considered agricultural vehicles. The trucker who operates agricultural vehicles on public highways for more than 7,500 miles required to pay 2290 excise tax.

Logging vehicles

Heavy vehicles used exclusively for transporting products harvested from forest sites are considered logging vehicles. Compared to taxable vehicles, logging vehicles are subjected to lower tax rates. The trucker who operates trade using logging vehicles needs to pay 25% less than the HVUT payment.

Do you need to pay 2290 road tax for tax-exempt vehicles?

Tax-exempt vehicles are the ones that are exempted from paying Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. This means the truck owner who operates business using tax-exempt vehicles is free from paying 2290 tax to the IRS. But the IRS required the truckers to report tax-exempt vehicles by filing Form 2290 with the IRS. Given below are the vehicles that are exempted from paying Highway Tax:

  • Commercial vehicles traveling less than 5,000 miles in a year.
  • Agricultural vehicles using the public road for less than 7,5000 miles in a tax period.
  • Machinery is used for carrying out non-transportation functions.
  • Non-transportation trailer, semi-trailers.
  • Qualified blood collector vehicles.

How to calculate 2290 Excise tax for an increase in 2290 vehicle’s weight?

Generally, the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax increases along with an increase in taxable gross weight of the vehicle. If your vehicle’s taxable gross weight increases after paying excise tax, then you need to report the change immediately to the IRS. Additionally, you need to pay Highway Tax accordingly to increase in gross weight of the vehicle. File Form 2290 amendment return to report the change in the vehicle to the IRS. For this, you need to specify VIN, the month of weight increase, the old weight, and the new weight of the vehicle. Ensure to indicate if you’re filing an amendment return for logging a vehicle. Finally, the taxes are calculated automatically and accurately online. Moreover, you’ll get to know the HVUT to be paid on increase in taxable gross weight.

Get ready to file Form 2290 and pay road taxes to the IRS online. E-filing with form 2290 filing is more convenient and flexible. File from any device and receive the proof of payment instantly after the IRS accepting 2290 returns.




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