How to Avoid Scams by e-filing Form 2290?

How to Avoid Scams by e-filing Form 2290? Owner of a heavy vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds? Did you operate on public roads within the US? Then you need to file IRS Form 2290 and pay road tax. According to the IRS, every truck owner who operates a business or trade using heavy vehicles needs to pay excise taxes to maintain public highways.

Doesn’t know how to file 2290 Tax Form? E-file or paper file? The IRS recommends every trucker to file Form 2290 electronically ever for a single vehicle or a fleet. When e-filing tax returns, choose an IRS trusted e-file provider to avoid scams. We will let you know how to avoid scams by e-filing Form 2290 with the IRS.

Work With a reputable third-party organization

To protect yourself from tax scams, check out the business partner before choosing to file Form 2290. You need to work with a third-party organization that has good ratings. Furthermore, read the reviews before providing sensitive business details like Employer Identification Number, business name, etc. In the present scenario, tax scam is the umbrella term used in terms of e-filing.

Among all of them, phishing is the most common tax scam. In phishing, someone obtains your business information and uses it to commit fraudulent activities. Misusing EIN or business details may threaten a huge loss to your business. So, make sure to choose the firm which is approved to provide e-filing services.

Confirm your 2290 e-file provider is IRS approved or not

After searching for a better e-file provider, check whether it is IRS-approved or not. As we know, the IRS issues a publication that includes series of tests and instructions. After undergoing numerous screening tests, then the IRS approves the e-file provider to participate in the e-filing program.

Furthermore, with the help of the e-file logo, IRS-approved you can confirm that your 2290 e-file provider is IRS approved. The “Authorized IRS E-file provider” logo will appear on any site that claims IRS authorization.

Moreover, the IRS publishes a list of approved 2290 e-file providers which is updated regularly. You can cross-check the name of the organization with the IRS list to confirm. Finally, the organization using the authorized logo and appearing on the list are safe to use.

Make 2290 tax payments electronically

In general, you can pay 2290 taxes through check or money order, credit or debit card, EFTPS, and EFW. Electronic payments are safe and secure. For check payments, you need to include EIN, Form 2290. Make the check payable to the “Department of Treasury” no matter how you file the form. E-file providers offer Automated Clearing House payments. Through ACH, the IRS can directly debit the tax amount from your checking or savings account.

To pay 2290 road taxes through EFTPS, you must register in advance on the EFTPS website. For EFTPS payments, you will receive a PIN in 5-7 business days through which you can pay road taxes to the IRS. On the other hand, the IRS is now accepting credit card payments. Ensure to plan before paying excise taxes to the IRS electronically. Moreover, never pay taxes directly to third parties through cash or check.

Check whether 2290 E-file provider offers support

Nowadays, e-filing is the most common platform to submit tax returns to the IRS with ease. We can observe numerous e-file providers offering a US-based support team to resolve queries that occur when e-filing Form 2290. So, after choosing an IRS trusted e-file provider it is mandatory to check whether the e-file provider offers support through email, chat, or phone. With the help of the support team, first-time filers can file HVUT returns hassle-freely.

Additionally, double-check whether the support team is available 24*7. Make sure that they should be able to provide good answers.

Minimize paper filing Form 2290

By eliminating paper works, you can stop a maximum number of tax scams. The paper filing provides an advantage to the hackers to misuse the business information for personal use. If you directly submit forms at the IRS office, make sure their security is good. Otherwise, scammers can use sensitive information for fraudulent purposes.

So, a cloud-based provider offers unmatched security. This means your data is stored in firewalls and guarded 24*7*365. Furthermore, you can access the information at any time conveniently. Most importantly the hackers can’t access the information stored in 256-bit security encrypted network.

Ready to file HVUT returns for the tax year 2021-22? Searching for an IRS-certified e-file provider? Form 2290 Filing is the best among the IRS trusted e-file providers. We provide bank-level security software to secure sensitive information from third-party networks.

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