How to Make IRS Form 2290 Online HVUT Payments Securely?

Did you operate a business using taxable vehicles? You must pay Heavy Vehicle Use Tax to the IRS based on the gross weight of the vehicle by filing IRS Form 2290. Do you know which HVUT payment is secure? As per the IRS norms, the payments made with an IRS trusted e-file provider are safe and secure.

Getting confused? Don’t worry! We will let you know how to make 2290 Highway Tax payments securely. We have provided detailed information about the different methods to pay road taxes. Besides, you will also get to know about can you pay truck taxes using credit/debit cards.

 irs form 2290 online hvut

What are the different methods to pay 2290 Highway Taxes to the IRS?

According to the IRS, there are multiple ways to make HVUT payments. Besides, it is very important to pay taxes on time using a secure HVUT payment method. Given below are the most common methods to pay excise taxes to the IRS:


The electronic Funds Withdrawal method is also known as the direct debit method. Because the IRS directly debits the tax amount from the filers bank. To pay taxes using EFW, provide an existing bank account number and routing transit number to the IRS. Thus, the payments will be withdrawn directly within 24 or 48 hours.


Electronic Federal Tax Payment System is an IRS service used to simplify tax payments. Before paying taxes using EFTPS methods, make sure to create an EFTPS and schedule the payment. Furthermore, ensure to schedule the payment 2 days before the due date.

Check or money order

Apart from the above methods, the check or money order method can be used even if you file tax returns online. when you chose this method, make sure to mail the check or money order before the deadline.

Can you pay 2290 road tax using credit/debit cards for 2021?

Yes, you can pay road taxes using credit/debit cards. For the tax period 2021-22, the IRS started accepting HVUT payments using credit/debit cards. Apart from this, the most reliable way to pay truck taxes to the IRS is through credit/debit cards. Because the payments made are deducted directly by the IRS within 24 hours. Furthermore, you can also check whether the payment is deducted by checking your bank details. Moreover, you can choose this method when you’re e-filing HVUT returns.

How to pay IRS Form 2290 Excise Tax to the IRS with your debit/credit card?

Follow the below steps to pay highway tax to the IRS using debit/credit card:

  • Firstly, ensure to check the “Debit/credit card payment” option when filling out your 2290 Form with Form 2290 Filing.
  • Before submitting your tax return to the IRS, make sure to check the box that says “it’s your responsibility to make the payments to the IRS”.
  • Provide your credit card details and make the HVUT payment online. Be aware when making payments through third-party networks.
  • Finally, transmit your return to the IRS.

Or else, you can go ahead and make HVUT payments to the IRS by visiting the “Pay taxes by Debit or Credit Card” page on the IRS website. Furthermore, you need to pay a “payment processing fee” of nearly 2% to the IRS or any third-party network. Hence, follow these steps depending on the method you’re paying taxes to the IRS.

Can I change the payment on IRS Form 2290?

No, you can’t change the payment method you have selected when submitting tax returns to the IRS. So, it’s better to double-check the payment method and pay the taxes to the IRS. Also, make sure to use the payment method you have chosen when paying taxes. Otherwise, your 2290 return can’t be submitted to the IRS. For instance, if you wish to pay road taxes using credit/debit cards. Suppose, if you provide your bank account details and RTN instead of credit card details. Therefore, the payments can’t be processed to the IRS. So, ensure that the payment method you have chosen is the one you are using.

When is my 2290 truck tax payment is secure?

Generally, your 2290 truck tax payments will be safe and secured when filing tax returns with an IRS-certified e-file provider. As we know, the IRS provides authorization to the e-file providers to participate in e-filing after conducting several screening tests. Among them, it also checks whether the e-file provider is capable to protect the filer’s information safely in reaching third-party networks. So, if you choose the e-file provider that provides bank-level security encrypted networks, then the payments made will be secured.

Finally, no matter which method you choose to pay road taxes, you will still receive “2290 schedule 1 copy” in minutes after the IRS accepting your return.

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