Pre-file IRS Form 2290 for Tax Year 2021-22

Are you continuing your business using heavy trucks in 2021? Then you need to file Form 2290 for the tax year 2021-22. The truck owners can file tax returns early before the tax season begins. Pre-filing 2290 Tax Form enables the individual to avoid rush hours and stay compliant.

Doesn’t know hen to pre-file? Don’t worry! We will let you know about pre-filing IRS Form 2290 for the tax year 2021-22. Furthermore, we provide the importance of pre-filing tax returns online.

irs form 2290 for 2021 -22 tax year

What do you mean by pre-filing Form 2290?

Pre-filing 2290 HVUT Form is the process of filing 2290 Tax Forms before the IRS opens the gateway to accept your tax return. During the peak filing season, pre-filing helps in accepting your 2290 returns quickly. As we know, 2290 filing season starts in the starting month of July and ends in June of the following year. The road taxes are due to the IRS by August 31st every tax year. To omit the last-minute filing errors the truckers can pre-file HVUT returns before the actual filing date.

Why pre-file HVUT Form 2290?

Given below are the advantages of early filing 2290 Tax returns:

  • Pre-filing helps the truckers to save time by avoiding the rush hours during peak filing season.
  • The filers can stay away from the IRS technical issues which delay the processing of 2290 returns by pre-filing.
  • Pre-filing reduces the risk of heavy and hefty penalties without additional interest charges.
  • Provides plenty of time to cross-check the errors that occurred when filing Form 2290.
  • Without rushing the truck owners can correct the rejected 2290 Forms and transmit the correct tax returns to the IRS before the deadline.
  • Early filing tax returns enables the truck drivers to receive IRS watermarked Schedule 1 copy before anyone else.
  • Pre-filing 2290 Tax Forms helps the individual to gather the necessary information hassle-freely.

Safety checklist to pre-file 2290 Tax Return

As per the IRS guidelines, before filing 2290 Tax Returns ensure to gather the required information. Make sure that you have the following information handy:

Business details

This includes business name, Employer Identification Number, address, etc. Ensure to provide the business name and address mentioned in the EIN. This is because the IRS matches the information provided in the EIN and on the 2290 Tax Form. Most importantly apply for a new EIN 2 weeks before you start filing 2290 tax return.

Vehicle information

This includes the Vehicle Identification Number, taxable gross weight of the vehicle, First Use Month of the vehicle. Additionally, mention the tax period you’re filing and the total number of reported vehicles.

How to pre-file Form 2290 online?

Follow the below steps to pre-file online:


When you’re pre-filing Form 2290 online, make sure to register with an IRS-trusted e-file provider. Already existing users can log in back to the e-file account by providing the necessary details.

Add Business information

If you’re new to e-filing, add the business details like business name, address, and EIN. Returning users can select the business information for which you’re pre-filing.

Choose pre-filing Form 2290

Ensure to select the tax year for which you’re are going to pre-file. For instance, if you’re filing HVUT return in the tax year 2021, then you need to select “2021-22”.

Enter the vehicle details

Provide the vehicle information like VIN, FUM, gross weight correctly.

Pay and submit 2290 return

Finally, pay the e-filing service fee and submit the pre-filed 2290 return to the IRS.

When to pre-file 2290 Tax Form?

Due to e-file traffic in the tax season, the IRS e-file servers would be snail-slow in processing 2290 Tax returns. If the trucker e-files Form 2290 in the peak moments, the trucker may have a chance to face penalties and fines. So, pre-filing is made available one month before the IRS starts accepting 2290 Tax Returns. As mentioned earlier the tax season starts on July 1st. So, the truck owners can start pre-filing tax returns from June 1st before the tax year officially begins. According to the IRS, 2290 tax returns are not accepted until the first week of July.

Why pre-file 2290 Form with Form 2290 Filing?

Form 2290 Filing provides the best services by making the pre-filing process easier than ever before. Given below are the advantages of pre-filing 2290 Tax Return with Form 2290 Filing:

  • 2290 Tax Forms are securely submitted to the IRS the moment 2290 tax season begins.
  • The truck drivers will get the IRS digital watermarked Schedule 1 copy instantly to the registered email address in July.
  • Provides instant status updates through email, text, fax.
  • Calculates tax amounts accurately by providing an HVT calculator online.
  • Safe e-filing platform with upgraded security software.
  • 24*7 US-based customer support team to resolve queries in seconds.

2290 Tax season for the tax year 2021-22 is ahead. Hurry up! Form 2290 Filing allows the filers to pre-file HVUT Tax return before the tax season begins. We will transmit the tax forms to the IRS on your behalf. Put an end to rushing at the last minute. Go ahead by pre-filing today with us.


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