Remainder: 15 Days Left! August 31st is E-File Form 2290 Deadline

Remainder: 15 Days Left! August 31st is E-File Form 2290 Deadline: IRS Form 2290 is due now for the tax season 2021-22. The IRS has opened its gateway and started accepting tax returns from July 1st, 2021. Have you filed Form 2290 for 2021? if your answer is “No”, then hurry up. The IRS servers will be snail slow during truck tax season. It’s only 15 days left to meet the 2290 Due Date.

Getting tense? Don’t worry! We will let you know about which 2290 Tax Form is due now. You will also get to know the circumstances that require Form 2290 Filing. We also provide you information about what you need to do to avoid HVUT penalties.

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Which 2290 Form is Due Now?

As per IRS norms, HVUT 2290 Tax season has begun for the tax year 2021-22. The truckers who run heavy vehicles on roads in the United States for the calendar year 2021 must start filing tax returns. Because the truck tax season has started from July 1st, 2021, and ends by June 30th, 2022.

The taxes are due to the IRS for tax period 2021-22 by “August 31st, 2021”. This means the truckers are required to file HVUT returns and pay road taxes in advance to operate a business on US public roads. However, the IRS servers will be snail slow during excise tax season. So, file 2290 and report already existing vehicle or new vehicle to the IRS within key date.

When do you File Form 2290?

Here are the circumstances in which you need to file 2290 Tax Form to the Internal Revenue Service:

Purchase heavy vehicle

Truckers who purchase a heavy vehicle weighing 55,000 pounds or more to run business within US national highways must file 2290 Tax Form. Otherwise, the highway authorities will not allow you to continue on highway transportation.

Operating business using heavy trucks

The individual who operates a business using heavy vehicles every tax year using public roads with heavy loads needs to file HVUT 2290. For example, Jack is the owner of the trucking industry. He operates business using nearly 200 trucks every year. Then John must file 2290 Tax Form and report 200 trucks to the IRS.

Registering heavy vehicles under State DMVs

If you want to register your heavy vehicle under any State or Department of Motor Vehicles, you need Form 2290. Without filing HVUT returns, you can’t register a heavy vehicle under any state.

Therefore, Form 2290 Filing is necessary to every trucker who continue business or trade with heavy vehicles.

What to do to avoid Form 2290 penalties?

Generally, 2290 Form deadline is about to reach. Most importantly, you don’t have much time to file IRS Form 2290. Besides, if you miss 2290 Form Filing due date, you need to face the risk of IRS 2290 penalties. So, hurry up to file 2290 Online Form. The best thing to do to avoid HVUT penalties that are heavy and hefty is to file tax returns regularly.

If you file 2290s within the due date, you can say good to bye to unwanted penalties. Hence, complete your 2290 Form filing in minutes by choosing “e-filing”. By filing tax returns as early as possible helps you to reduce the risk of getting penalized.

How to get 2290 Schedule 1 copy instantly?

The below two steps will help you to get HVUT payment proof immediately:

Choosing secure and fast 2290 provider

In general, if you submit 2290 Forms through paper, it takes nearly 4-6 weeks to receive 2290 tax payment proof. But if you choose a secure and fast IRS 2290 provider for filing 2290 returns, you’ll receive schedule 1 copy in minutes. The best e-file provider provides a fast e-filing experience as well as secure filing.

Providing accurate information

As a trucker, you must enter accurate details to file 2290 tax returns. By providing accurate information, the IRS accepts your returns without any rejection. Hence, you can receive IRS accepted 2290 schedule 1 proof immediately.

Is it necessary to file 2290 return before the due date?

Yes. Filing IRS Form 2290 online before the due date helps you to run a business on United States national highways with ease. By filing truck tax returns regularly minimizes the risk of IRS audits. Furthermore, you can also avoid HVUT penalties imposed along with interests. As per the IRS rules, 2290 penalties increase based on time.

This means the penalty amount depends on when the tax returns have been submitted to the IRS after the 2290 due date. So, if you take more time to file Form 2290, your penalty amount also increases. Hence, file IRS 2290 before the deadline and put an end to unwanted penalties.

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