What are the reasons behind IRS Form 2290 rejection?

Does your IRS Form 2290 got rejected? Is it your first time with Form 2290 rejection? Then know the reason why the IRS has rejected your Form. What are the reasons behind IRS Form 2290 rejection?

Getting tensed? Don’t worry! We have provided you complete information about the reasons behind IRS Form 2290 rejection. Along with it, we also guide you in re-filing HVUT returns easily within few minutes. We will let you know about the errors that lead to face the risk of rejecting the form.

Form 2290 Rejection

What is HVUT Form 2290 rejection?

HVUT Form 2290 which the IRS sends back to the truck owner by providing a reason is considered as “Form 2290 rejection”. Mainly the IRS rejects the form when filed with errors due to a number of reasons. In most circumstances, the filers may face errors when filed by the last date of the HVUT return. Or else, if the truck owner files the form by the traditional method. Mostly, the IRS may reject the form when filed with incorrect information. When the truckers file Form 2290 to claim false credits, the IRS rejects the form and additionally imposes HVUT penalties.

To overcome these issues, the truckers can reduce the risk of rejection of the form by adopting measures when filing the Form.

What are the main errors that occur when filing 2290 Form?

The three main errors that could occur when you are filing HVUT tax returns are given below:

Mismatching of EIN and business name

Most of the filers may face errors due to mismatching of EIN and business name. According to the IRS, the Employer Identification Number and name of the business and address must match when filing Form 2290. Either the trucker filing manually or electronically, must make sure to include correct information about EIN and business name. Otherwise, the IRS may consider it as an error filing and may reject the form.

Using new EIN

When the trucker file Form 2290 within 2 weeks after receiving a new EIN, the IRS may reject the form by providing notice regarding EIN error. As per IRS rules, it takes up to 2 weeks for the new EIN to get registered and updated in the IRS database. Therefore, the trucker needs to wait at least two weeks to file the form using the new EIN.

Dual filing for the same vehicle

The IRS may reject Form 2290 when filed dual times in a tax period for the same vehicle with an error message “Duplicate filing exists”. So, the truckers must file the form once with relevant information.

Why the IRS rejects Form 2290?

The IRS rejects Form 2290 which is filed for numerous reasons. Avoid the below reasons to reduce the risk of the HVUT Form getting rejected.

Invalid Vehicle Identification Number

VIN plays an important role in filing Form 2290. As we know, VIN is a combination of alphabets and numbers, the truckers may commit errors when entering Vehicle Identification Number. Along with incorrect VIN, the IRS rejects the form for the VIN who HVUT was already paid.

Incorrect Routing Number

Routing Transmit Number is used when the trucker pays Heavy Vehicle Use Tax electronically using Electronic Fund Withdrawal method. As per IRS guidelines, when the trucker files Form 2290 using incorrect RTN, the form may be rejected.

Missing signature

The signature of the truck owner is necessary when filing HVUT through the traditional method. The trucker needs to sign in two different places on the form i.e., provide the signature in part 2 on the first page of the form, and on the last page. The IRS rejects the form when the trucker doesn’t include a signature in these spaces.

Incorrect vehicle category

When the trucker files Form 2290 amendment return form for the sudden change in the vehicle category incorrectly, the IRS rejects the form. This means the truck owner must ensure that the month in which the change occurred is greater than the FUM of the vehicle.

What to do if Federal Form 2290 is rejected?

It is common to receive a notice from the IRS regarding Form 2290 rejection. Follow the below steps when your Federal Form 2290 is rejected:

Check the error on your Form

Along with the rejected Form, the IRS sends back notice to the truck owner providing a reason for the rejection of the Form. After receiving the rejected Form 2290, the trucker must check the error on the Form.

Correct the error information

Optimize the error which was previously occurred on the Form by providing correct information. The truckers can easily correct the errors when filing electronically. E-filing has the advantage of optimizing errors by instant audit checks.

Re-file Form 2290

After correcting the error information, re-file Form 2290 back to the IRS. Make sure that there is not truck tax to be paid when the truckers re-file the form.

Process to re-file Form 2290 online

The online filing allows the truck owners conveniently to re-file Form 2290 easily within minutes. It provides the truckers to contact the customer care service which is available 24*7. They help the truck owners by providing step-by-step guidance and re-filing assistance to re-file form 2290 quickly with fewer efforts. Within few minutes the truckers can re-file Form 2290, submit it to the IRS, and receive the correct Form 2290 Schedule 1 immediately. The truck owners just need to login into the existing e-file account and correct the error which was occurred in the previous file HVUT Form, and re-send the form to the IRS instantly.

What are the measures to avoid 2290 Form rejection?

Follow the below measures to avoid 2290 Form rejection:

  • The trucker owners who purchased heavy vehicles must file the form correctly within the last date of the following month of purchase.
  • Calculate the truck tax based on the FUM of the vehicle, taxable gross weight of the vehicle, and mileage limit of the vehicle. Pay the truck tax correctly for taxable vehicles.
  • When the vehicle is changed into a new category, then immediately file Form 2290 amendment return. the amendment returns must be file to the IRS within the last date of the following month in which the vehicle changed into a new category.
  • Recheck the form before submitting it to the IRS to avoid errors.

Form 2290 filing is an IRS certified e-file provider where the HVUT returns are filed error freely with instant audit checks. Recheck the form before submitting it to the IRS and avoid Form 2290 rejection. Choose us to e-file your HVUT returns conveniently, quickly, and accurately.

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