Can I File Form 2290 Online for 2021 in a Single Click?

Are you filing Form 2290 online? Have you filed tax returns online previously? If “Yes”, then you can file IRS 2290 Tax Form in minutes within a single click. Login to your e-file account by key in your credentials and choose the VINs you are filing. Automatically, 2290 form is generated, and review the information on the tax form. Make the possible changes and submit the tax returns to the IRS.

Getting confused? Don’t worry! We will let you know how to file 2290 Tax Form with a single click. If you are new to e-filing, we have provided steps to file HVUT 2290. You’ll also get to know whether you need to file every tax year or not.

 file form 2290 online

When is Form 2290 Filing possible in a single click?

Form 2290 Filing is possible in a single click under two circumstances:

Filing HVUT returns with the same e-file provider

Generally, when you choose to file tax returns online you must create an e-file account by providing an email address, phone number, and generate a password. Then you have to provide necessary business details and vehicle details to file 2290 online. So, if you have previously filed a tax return online and using the same e-file provider for 2021, then you can add the business details for the new form. In this way, you can save time and effort.

Filing 2290 Form for the same vehicle

If suppose, you are using the same truck this tax season on US public roads, then 2290 online form filing is simple and easy. As you are filing tax returns for the same vehicle, there is no need to change vehicle details. If in case, the vehicle weight changes, you can update the vehicle details and file the tax returns.

How do I File HVUT 2290?

Follow the below steps if you’re not an exiting e-filer and file HVUT return in minutes:

Choose e-filing

In general, there are two methods to submit tax returns to the IRS i.e., paper filing and e-filing. Paper filing is possible only when you submit less than 25 forms for a tax period. So, choose e-filing to submit numerous VINs at once for a single tax period. Moreover, the IRS also recommends submitting HVUT returns online for a single tax form.

Create an e-file account

Choose the IRS authorized e-file provider like Form 2290 Filing and create an e-file account by providing the necessary details. Ensure to provide an existing email address, phone number. So, you can regenerate the password if you forget.

Add business details and vehicle details

Enter the business details like business name, EIN, business type. Also, provide the vehicles information that you are operating on national highways within the US for 2021-22.

Review and transmit the return

After providing the required information to file 2290 returns, review it before transmitting it to the IRS. make sure that the business information provided on the form matches with the EIN. Check whether the VIN entered is correct. Transmit the tax returns to the IRS within the deadline.

Finally, you’ll receive 2290 schedule 1 proof immediately after the IRS accepts your tax returns.

Do I have to file 2290 every year?

According to the IRS norms, you have to file 2290 Tax Form every year if:

Operate business on US national highways

If you are an owner of the trucking industry and operate a business using heavy vehicles on US national highways every year, you must file a 2290 return.

Purchase heavy vehicles

When you purchase heavy vehicles like trucks, tractors, etc with a gross weight of 55,000 lbs and uses 5,000 miles or less on highways, you must file a 2290 Form.

Canadian or Mexican Vehicle

If you tend to use Canadian or Mexican Vehicle on the course of business or trade within United States national roads, then your must file an HVUT return form.

How much does it cost to file Form 2290?

Mostly, the cost of filing depends on the method you choose and the number of returns you are filing in a calendar year. If you choose to submit IRS Form 2290s through papers it consumes lots of time, money and ends up wasting your efforts. Besides, e-filing costs depend on the number of returns you are transmitting for a tax period. The cost of e-filing differs from a single vehicle to a fleet.

Form 2290 Filing is the IRS-certified e-file provider. Choose us by signing up with us and file numerous tax returns for a tax period hassle-freely. Returning users can continue where they have stopped. Because we provide a cloud-based storage system in which the information is safely backed up. With our US-based customer support team, first-time filers can file 2290 returns with ease.




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