Why to File 2290 HVUT Form With IRS Authorized E-File Provider?

Did you purchase a heavy truck? You need to file 2290 HVUT with the IRS. Which method do you choose paper filing or e-filing? Paper filing 2290 is a traditional method of submitting tax returns by collecting forms manually. Mail the completed form to the IRS office address through postal mail. Filing tax returns comfortably from your doorstep is possible through e-filing.

Getting tensed? Don’t worry! We will let you know the importance of filing a 2290 Tax Form with an IRS authorized e-file provider. Besides, you’ll also get to know who must file HVUT returns and how long does the IRS takes to process a tax return.

file 2290 hvut

What is an IRS authorized 2290 e-file provider?

An IRS authorized e-file provider is a tax professional who prepares tax returns and files them through IRS electronic filing program. The electronic filing program was introduced by the IRS that allows businesses/individuals to file tax returns and pay taxes online conveniently. To get the IRS authorization, professional tax preparation providers must apply to the IRS and complete a registration process. After numerous screening tests, the IRS approves the tax professional to become an authorized e-file provider. Furthermore, they are skilled at formatting tax data for e-filing systems. Due to which individuals/businesses can trust them to file their taxes correctly and efficiently.

Why would a trucker file 2290 Tax Returns electronically?

As per IRS norms, when you are filing tax returns, you’ll have two choices i.e., paper filing and e-filing. Besides, mistakes occur mostly when you file tax returns online. So, truckers mostly prefer to file 2290 returns online for the following reasons:

  • E-filing enables to format data correctly and checks the errors before transmitting it to the IRS.
  • The trucker can transmit hundreds of tax forms at once. By using the bulk uploading feature, you can transmit up to 45,000 VINs at once.
  • The filer can transmit 2290 Forms even at the last minute electronically. Because Form 2290s are accepted even on the final day and e-file providers help in submitting them to the IRS quickly.
  • You can reuse the prior years’ business or vehicle information when you’re filing HVUT returns for the same vehicle in order to save time.
  • E-filing provides customer service in which the filers can ask filing time queries by utilizing live chat, email, or phone support.

Who should file IRS Form 2290 online?

According to IRS instructions, choose online filing when you’re submitting more than 25 HVUT tax returns for a tax period. Besides, even if you’re filing a single tax return, the IRS recommends you to choose e-filing. On the other hand, file Form 2290 if anyone among the below conditions are met:

  • Purchase a heavy vehicle like a truck or tractor, etc weighing 55,000 pounds or more.
  • Heavy vehicle travels more than 5,000/7,500 miles on United States national highways.
  • Operate business using already existing heavy vehicles.

How long does the IRS take to process e-file 2290s?

In general, the time taken to process a 2290 HVUT Form depends on your filing method. The IRS takes nearly 4-6 weeks to process the returns filed through paper. Furthermore, the trucker will receive HVUT payment proof 6 weeks after paper filing 2290. The tax returns submitted online through an IRS authorized e-file provider like Form 2290 Filing are transmitted in minutes to the IRS. Moreover, the IRS also processes the HVUT returns in minutes and mails back the road tax payment proof to the registered email address. So, when you’re filing taxes during 2290 truck tax season, the best way is to submit electronically. Electronically submitted returns are processed quickly and you can easily correct errors that occurred on the form and retransmit them to the IRS.

Can the IRS reject a 2290 return that is accepted?

No, the IRS can’t reject an accepted HVUT return. However, you’ll receive a 2290 schedule 1 copy when the IRS accepts your tax return. Furthermore, if your 2290 return gets rejected, the IRS notifies you by sending the mail along with the error code. So, there is no chance to reject a tax return that is accepted. On the other hand, you can to the IRS and you can check the status of your 2290 Form when you filed through paper.

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